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Calendar of Events by Date
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Disaster Relief Monetary Donations - information here

Lions Clubs

Reading Action Program
Reading Action Program Reporting How-to (new!)
From IP Chancellor Bob Corlew - Thank You for a Wonderful Year!
From IP Chancellor Bob Corlew - Entrance Fees Waived
Volunteer Organization Protection Act to Protect Lions Clubs - how you can help
Supplemental Insurance Program now offered for Club Protection
Important Tax Information for All Clubs
International's Information - here
Additional Information on Taxes
(How to find your Club's EIN)
Help LCIF Give Hope
LCIF - Single Donor Contribution Form
LCIF Contributing Membership Program Form
Leader Dogs for the Blind Canine Development Center Update
The Pride of Pennsylvania magazine  
The June issue - here
The September issue - here
The December issue - here
  NEW! - Leo Clubs' District Governor Contest
District 14-N Constitution and By-Laws
Revised April 11, 2015


State Lions Per Capita Tax (Dues) Increase - Information here

Sales Tax Exemption Form - 2016 - 2021

Sales Tax Exemption Questions and Answers

Beacon Lodge Challenge XX - PCC Brian McCarl
Beacon Lodge Wish List for 2017

Contributions by Clubs - 2016 - 2017
  Project New Hope - PA Lions Beacon Lodge Camp - Details
   ~ Help PA Disabled Veterans and their Families ~

District 14-N

  New - Heart of a Lion Award - Information

Heart of a Lion Award Recipients

Individual Club's Special Interests and Newsletters
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From the Lions Sight Conservation and Eye Research Foundation - a need for funds, more Li'l Ivy Jug Program Participation

Club Leader Search Postcard
More information about the Leadership Search

LCI's Child's Video/Photo Release Form
Please utilize this form BEFORE posting children's photos on any website.

Consent Form for Eye Exams by Lions

District 14-N Applications (Forms for Awards)
Melvin Jones, Lions of PA Foundation Fellow (individual and club), Honor Roll of Lions, PA Counsellors, Lioness of the Year and Club Excellence

District 14-N Committees

Sight Preservation, Awareness and Action Committee Article
New Development for Corneal Stem Cell Treatment

Diabetes Awareness - a Full-Time Job

From PDG Gibala - Club Excellence Process (CEP) Information

From the Li'l Ivy Jug Chairperson


Lions, Lioness and Leo Clubs
New Members 2017 - 2018          Memorial Page

District Governors, Past and Present

Melvin Jones Fellows

Lions of Pennsylvania Foundation Fellows

PID Joseph Wroblewski Awardees

Pennsylvania Counsellors' Awardees

Honor Roll of Lions

Carl Shoemaker Fellowship Awardees

A New Award now available
Carl Shoemaker Fellowship Award - details
Leader Dog Canine Center Update - $14.5 million goal reached!

Leader Dogs - Fourth Quarter Reports

New - Lions Recognition Programs

Diabetes Awareness Quiz - find out how much you know here
PU-101 (Print, fill out, mail to International and DG) PU-101 (For District use, fill in, submit)
Lions International Purposes Lions International Code of Ethics

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