1.   To conduct regional leadership training for club officers; specifically focused on the club level Global Action Team format.

  2.   To focus membership growth on "at risk" clubs: i.e. those clubs with less than 15 members.

  3.   To grow women's membership to 35% of the District's total membership.

  4.   To grow membership by 60 through new members, transfers and re-instated members.  At a minimum, each club should have a plus one in membership.

  5.   To encourage membership retention.

  6.   To encourage clubs to include ALL members in their projects and to use their talents.  Assign members to specific projects.  Encourage new ideas.

  7.   To have 75% of clubs submit their activities reports with none more than two months old.  To encourage all clubs to submit the District monthly Membership, Activity and District Governor (MADG) report by the last day of each month.

  8.   To have 75% of clubs make contributions of $100 or more to Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) and have 50% of individual members become contributing members at the $20 level or higher.


 9.   To identify emerging leaders and offer training opportunities within the District.  To send at least four members to Regional Level Leadership Institute.


10.  To identify and train at least five new Certified Guiding Lions to help clubs in need across the District.

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