These men and women are citizens who think and act like Lions but who are not members of the organization.

Congratulations to all!

District Governor Thomas G. Toland
JaneAnn Linger Fucci 2012-2013 Little Beaver
Mark McClymonds 2012-2013 Slippery Rock
Roger Thomas 2012-2013 Ambridge
Vince Mazzon 2012-2013 Apollo Area
Tami Bruni 2012-2013 Penn Glade
Steve and Cindy Carcelli 2012-2013 Rural Valley
Judy Walter 2012-2013 Kittanning
Betsy Byce 2012-2013 Chippewa Area
Sally Guido 2012-2013 Apollo Area
Judi Boren 2012-2013 Cranberry Township Area
Diana Baer 2012-2013 Apollo Area
Deb Collins 2012-2013 Evans City
Elderton Fire Company 2012-2013 Elderton
David H. Tack, Sr. 2012-2013 Butler
William Doyle 2012-2013 Harrisville
District Governor William H. Morgan
Dorothy Borghi 2013-2014 Chippewa Area
Richard Szwaczkowski 2013-2014 Evans City
District Governor Larry J. Kempa
James McLaughlin 2014-2015 Apollo Area
Eric Carlin 2014-2015 Evans City
Sandra Carlin 2014-2015 Evans City
Biff Hockenberry 2014-2015 Zelienople
J. J. Kennedy 2014-2015 Zelienople
Bruce Knoechel 2014-2015 Zelienople
Michael O'Halleran 2014-2015 Zelienople
Mary Pataky 2014-2015 Butler
Susan Race 2014-2015 Butler
Linda Thoma 2014-2015 Butler
Donna Schreffler 2014-2015 Knox
Evans City Borough Council 2014-2015 Evans City
Evans City Fire Department 2014-2015 Evans City
Patricia Cline 2014-2015 Beaver Falls
Bunny Oravitz 2014-2015 Chippewa Area
Lt. Jason Imhoff, Salvation Army 2014-2015 Kittanning
Rural Valley Fire Department 2014-2015 Rural Valley
District Governor Kim H. Stevenson
Teresa Brewer 2015-2016 Ambridge
Scott Kaercher 2015-2016 Ambridge
Jon Wyatt 2015-2016 Ambridge
Amy Crea 2015-2016 Beaver Falls
Renee Giles 2015-2016 Beaver Falls
Richard "Cookie" Ware 2015-2016 Ford City
Toni Grimes 2015-2016 Rochester-Beaver
Sherri Whelpley 2015-2016 Rochester-Beaver
Barbara Manor 2015-2016 Beaver Falls
Cindy Lokey 2015-2016 Beaver Falls
Chuck and Betty Dean 2015-2016 Beaver Falls
Cristine Kostiuk 2015-2016 Apollo Area
Chuck Wissner 2015-2016 Chippewa Area
Janet Senka 2015-2016 Penn-Glade
Debbie Lerch 2015-2016 Penn-Glade
District Governor Linda A. Gibala
Merlene Means 2016-2017 Knox
John Dioguardi 2016-2017 Apollo Area
Robert Hawthorne 2016-2017 Apollo Area
William Morgan 2016-2017 Apollo Area
Robert Jackson 2016-2017 Apollo Area
Patty Burford 2016-2017 Rural Valley
Andrew and Shelly Myschisin 2016-2017 Ford City
William Kerr 2016-2017 Apollo Area
Sue Westlund 2016-2017 Riverside Area
Kent Parkhill 2016-2017 Chippewa Area
Darlene Rupert 2016-2017 Elderton
District Governor Robin E. Swank
Jerry Vucovcan 2017-2018 Beaver Falls
Pete Jaskola 2017-2018 Zelienople
Phill Bestor 2017-2018 Zelienople
Tim Murphy 2017-2018 Zelienople
Jack Swigert 2017-2018 Ford City
William Sheasley, Jr. 2017-2018 Ford City
Chuck Tipton 2017-2018 Apollo Area
William Naser 2017-2018 Apollo Area
Steve Wuchevich 2017-2018 Apollo Area
Mark Boyer 2017-2018 Apollo Area
Dan Rebich 2017-2018 Beaver Falls
Geraldine McCor 2017-2018 Beaver Falls
Violet Stivason 2017-2018 Leechburg-Gilpin
Joe DiMaio 2017-2018 Rural Valley
Brian Crytzer 2017-2018 Rural Valley
Halal M. Arafa 2017-2018 Lawrence County Area
Rose Byers 2017-2018 Lawrence County Area
Jack Fullen 2017-2018 Chippewa Area
Carl and Laura Brogano 2017-2018 Little Beaver
Cliff "Wibby" Cole 2017-2018 Little Beaver
Tim and Jackie Leaf 2017-2018 Little Beaver
Sharon McDaniel 2017-2018 Little Beaver
Tom Stockunas 2017-2018 Little Beaver
Clair and Beverly Young 2017-2018 Little Beaver
Gretchen Baysek 2017-2018 Penn-Glade
Tracy Zdilla 2017-2018 Penn-Glade
Alyssa Eyth 2017-2018 Butler
Tarik Taoufik 2017-2018 Butler
Molly Atwood 2017-2018 Kittanning
Angela Vigna 2017-2018 Leechburg-Gilpin

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