These men and women are citizens who think and act like Lions but who are not members of the organization.

Congratulations to all!

JaneAnn Linger Fucci 2012-2013 Little Beaver
Mark McClymonds 2012-2013 Slippery Rock
Roger Thomas 2012-2013 Ambridge
Vince Mazzon 2012-2013 Apollo Area
Tami Bruni 2012-2013 Penn Glade
Steve and Cindy Carcelli 2012-2013 Rural Valley
Judy Walter 2012-2013 Kittanning
Betsy Byce 2012-2013 Chippewa Area
Sally Guido 2012-2013 Apollo Area
Judi Boren 2012-2013 Cranberry Township Area
Diana Baer 2012-2013 Apollo Area
Deb Collins 2012-2013 Evans City
Elderton Fire Company 2012-2013 Elderton
David H. Tack, Sr. 2012-2013 Butler
William Doyle 2012-2013 Harrisville
Dorothy Borghi 2013-2014 Chippewa Area
Richard Szwaczkowski 2013-2014 Evans City
James McLaughlin 2014-2015 Apollo Area
Eric Carlin 2014-2015 Evans City
Sandra Carlin 2014-2015 Evans City
Biff Hockenberry 2014-2015 Zelienople
J. J. Kennedy 2014-2015 Zelienople
Bruce Knoechel 2014-2015 Zelienople
Michael O'Halleran 2014-2015 Zelienople
Mary Pataky 2014-2015 Butler
Susan Race 2014-2015 Butler
Linda Thoma 2014-2015 Butler
Donna Schreffler 2014-2015 Knox
Evans City Borough Council 2014-2015 Evans City
Evans City Fire Department 2014-2015 Evans City
Patricia Cline 2014-2015 Beaver Falls
Bunny Oravitz 2014-2015 Chippewa Area
Lt. Jason Imhoff, Salvation Army 2014-2015 Kittanning
Rural Valley Fire Department 2014-2015 Rural Valley
Teresa Brewer 2015-2016 Ambridge
Scott Kaercher 2015-2016 Ambridge
Jon Wyatt 2015-2016 Ambridge
Amy Crea 2015-2016 Beaver Falls
Renee Giles 2015-2016 Beaver Falls
Richard "Cookie" Ware 2015-2016 Ford City
Toni Grimes 2015-2016 Rochester-Beaver
Sherri Whelpley 2015-2016 Rochester-Beaver
Barbara Manor 2015-2016 Beaver Falls
Cindy Lokey 2015-2016 Beaver Falls
Chuck and Betty Dean 2015-2016 Beaver Falls
Cristine Kostiuk 2015-2016 Apollo Area
Chuck Wissner 2015-2016 Chippewa Area
Janet Senka 2015-2016 Penn-Glade

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