District Governor Jeff's Goals 2021 - 2022


  1.   Have a minimum of a net plus two members in each club by the end of Lions year 2021-2022.
  2.   Conduct MyLion Service Reporting Training for club presidents and secretaries to have a minimum of 75% of District 14-N clubs accurately reporting service conducted by the end of Lions year 2021-2022.
  3.   By the end of Lions year 2021-2022, 60% of clubs in District 14-N will have contributed to LCIF in support of Campaign 100.  Members will also be encouraged to contribute at least $25.00 individually to LCIF focused on an area that appeals to them.
 4.   During the first quarter of Lions year 2021-2022, each Zone Chairperson and club officer in District 14-N will complete position specific training on MyLion Learning Center or consolidated in-person location training and report completion of that training to the District 14-N Global Leadership Team Coordinator.
  5.   By the end of Lions year 2021-2022, District 14-N will charter at least one new Lions club.
  6.   All clubs in District 14-N are encouraged to conduct a food drive service project and donate that food to a local Food Bank or Distribution Center.  This may be focused on a holiday such as Thanksgiving or Christmas (or both) and should be reported in MyLion Service as a completed project.
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