Leo Clubs' District Governor's Contest

Secretary's Name                   Club               

Email address                                                                Month and Year              
Total Membership                 


1.    For submission of each report postmarked by the last day of the current month 100 points each month Your points  
2.    For each new club member 1 point per member Your points   
3.    For each new family member 2 extra points per member Your points   
4.    For each club that doubles its membership 100 points Your points  
5.    For each club member who follows Brad Baillie on any kind of social media 3 points Your points  
6.    For each club that reports their attendance for the month 3 points Your points   
7.    For each club cabinet member who attends a Leo Club Leadership Forum in District 14-N 5 points Your points  
8.    For each club advisor who attends a Leo Club Leadership Forum in District 14-N 5 points Your points   
9.  For each club that gives a Heart of a Leo Award to a non-member of a Leo club or a Lions club who helps the Leo club in any way 200 points Your points   
10.  For each time a Leo club president checks in with Brad Baillie, Leo chairman, every two (2) weeks 25 points Your points  
11.  For each time a club historian sends a poster board to a cabinet meeting 25 points Your points   
12.  For each time a club has a community service: a parade, highway clean up, Easter egg hunt or a club activity open to the public 25 points each activity Your points  
13.  For each time a club participates in a White Cane or Beacon Lodge event 25 points each event Your points  
14.  For each time a Lions club chooses a student of the month and the Leo club informs the Leo chairman 25 points each time Your points  
15.  For each time a Leo club participates in World Diabetes Day (November 14) or a Melvin Jones birthday event (January 13) 25 points each event Your points   
16.  For each Leo club that chooses its own Leo of the Month 25 points per Leo Your points   
17.  For each club that submits a history of its club to the Leo chairman 25 points Your points  
18.  For each club that submits its history to the Lions club that sponsored it 25 points Your points  
19.  For each club that checks 14-N's website and reports to the Leo chairman the subject the District Governor is trying to give 25 points each time Your points  
20.  For every member who checks 14-N Leo Club's YouTube channel and reports to the chairman with The Word of the Day 500 points Your points  
Beacon Lodge Wish List Contest for Leo Clubs
Item Needed Point Value Number of Items Total Points
Acrylic Paint (for crafts) 5 per bottle
Board Games (for adults, children and families) 10 per game
Books (for adults and children) 3 per book
Coloring Books (large print) 7 per book
Dress-up Clothes/Costumes 10 per outfit
DVDs (for adults and children) 5 per DVD
Finger Paint 5 per bottle
Glitter 4 per bottle
Hot Glue Sticks (small) 5 per package
Poster Board (all sizes) 3 per board
School Glue 2 per bottle
Swimming Goggles 6 per pair
Dawn Dish Soap 3 per bottle
Dinner Napkins 2 per package
Disinfectant Spray 3 per can
Clorox and Clorox Wipes 4 per container
Ziploc Bags (gallon size) 4 per box
Hand Sanitizer 3 per bottle
Laundry Detergent 6 per bottle
Liquid Spic n Span 5 per bottle
Lysol Spray Disinfectant 4 per can
Magic Erasers 4 per box
Paper Towels 1 per roll
Plastic silverware 5 per package
Thick Paper Plates 5 per package
Tissues 1 per box
10-12 ox. Hot and Cold Cups (not styrofoam) 5 per sleeve
Windex 3 per bottle
Toilet tissue 1 per roll
Garbage Bags 8 per box
Color/White Copy Paper 5 per ream
Envelopes (6" x 9" and #10) 4 per box
White-Out 1 per bottle
Wide, Clear Packing Tape 1 per roll
1" Binders 2 per binder
Pocket Folders for 3-ring binders 2 per folder
Scissors 3 per pair
Infirmary Supplies
Baby Wipes 3 per package
Bug Spray 5 per bottle/can
Calamine Lotion 2 per bottle
Cough Drops 1 per package
Deodorant 2 per item
Pepto-Bismol 4 per bottle
Spray Sunscreen 6 per item
Toothbrushes 2 per item
Toothpaste 2 per tube
Vaseline 3 per jar

Contest Points from your last report  

 Contest Points from this report         

        Contest Points to Date 


Thank you for submitting this form.  This is for the District only

The contest starts on October 19 and ends on May 1, 2018.  At the end of the contest, the Leos will select a winner.  The date and time are yet to be determined.

Good luck and help those who need it!

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