Further information on the new Tax Filing Requirements

At the MERL seminar held in the Central Region of PA on August 24, it was determined that any Lions Club that sponsors a Lioness Club, a Leo Club or Clubs, must include the income earned by any Club they sponsor in the total income they report to the IRS.
In other words:  If your Club sponsors a Lioness or Leo Club or Clubs, their income must be included in the total income your Club reports to the IRS.
This information came from Joan Sleesman on August 25, 2008, via an email.
There are phase-in filing requirements for small organizations posted on the International site and they state:  "Please be advised that all Lions districts and individual clubs are exempt from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(4).  More here.

Questions and answers on the new tax requirements can be found here .  (Updated for 2010)

To find your club's EIN, go to International's site  https://www3.lionsclubs.org/EN/RegisterLogin/HomeLogin.aspx and log in as you would to do the M report, then from the menu, select "Club Info;" when that page appears, your club name, district, chartered date and club tax ID should be there.  The tax ID is the EIN and should begin with 25 and have seven more digits.

Failure to file the required form could cause your Club to lose its tax-exempt status.

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